Why Buy and HOLD is outdated advice

Buy and HODL is outdated advice, here’s what you should do.

This also doesn’t only apply to #permabull but also other meme coins. Everybody asks “wen moon” but never “how moon” If you rely on others only to pump your bags (devs, influencers, exchanges) you ngmi…

1️⃣ — Come up with constructive suggestions

If every holder came up with 1 good idea that worked well in another coin, I can assure you your coin would rip in no time. Devs are not superhuman gods that can pump the chart at any moment. They need relevant, untapped strategies.

2️⃣ — Stay active in the chat, don’t just “check in time to time”

The most common query we get in the chat is “wen moon”. Every time to ask mods this is time off devs thinking of untapped strategies to spread awareness. A dead chat doesn’t bring confidence to new investors.

3️⃣ — DM your favourite influencers (non crypto too)

Raids work. Granted, if your favourite influencers don’t reply to you it probably means your project is shit. Quality projects are the ones usually getting replies, as well if the entire community is spamming a singular 🔥project.

4️⃣ — Makes memes and art

Not being good at making memes is not an excuse: go on Canva right now, pick a meme from your best instagram meme page and change the caption to fit your selected meme coin. It’s not hard, and many are getting paid for it in cash prizes from competitions.

5️⃣ — Change your profile picture

Probably the easiest one, that nobody is doing. It literally takes 2 seconds. If you want to keep your NFT profile picture, that’s fine: Look at MRI, custom profile pictures to a specific coin are a thing now. Ask your devs to make one for u!

6️⃣ — Apply as a mod

We need mods who get the project well and are constantly giving confidence to new investors and answer legit questions like “wen moon”. Launches usually require 16hrs of work non stop, and holders forget devs need rest too, so they panic wen they go to sleep.

7️⃣ — Shill to real world friends & family

Ok hear me out, only do this for quality projects lol. Don’t shill a rug and be picky. You already shilled on your discord, but have you shilled irl? Ur mom will soon ask how to invest in SHIBA, so why not get her onboard on a legit 1000x.

8️⃣ — Retweet announces & milestones

Pretty self explanatory, this takes literally one second. Don’t spam, but truth is the algorithm doesn’t show all your posts to your friends anyways. Don’t be afraid to engage publicly in a given project if you trust it fully.

9️⃣ — Like & comment content on socials

So many claim they do this, but truth says otherwise. Imagine if all 500 people in the TG actually put the effort and liked all tweet that came out a coin. U’d think that community is lit. Updates barely get 3% engagement, which is a shame.

View this as a compulsory checklist required to moon.

Have you done every single step mentioned above or are you lying to yourself and hoping your bag goes up?

“Everyone else will do it for me” is not a viable strategy.

A coin is only as strong as its community. 🦾🦾🦾

Weak communities jeet, so don’t be surprised your bag dumps if you don’t engage in it.

Strong communities diamond hand a coin because they know they will be rewarded for it. 💎🤲

So your meme bag is dumping, 😱 or wondering what’s next after 12 hours of launch, ask yourself:

- have I changed my pfp?
- have I retweeted this so my friends see it?
- have i commented on tiktoks that devs took the time to make for the community?
- etc…

The beginning stages of a coin are the make or break point of any meme.

Next time you invest in a coin, do yourself a favour and ask yourself:

  • are you are willing to put the effort in a project?
  • or are you just looking to pump and dump the chart like a jeet?



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