What is Permabull?

6 min readApr 2, 2022

What the heck is PERMABULL? Another pump and dump? Or is it the next meme coin listed on Coinbase? Let’s dive in:


PERMABULL is a DAO that funds new projects & lets them create their own token/NFT with no coding knowledge.

Essentially, PERMABULL is the first Dev-as-as-Service coin in crypto!

Permabull will let the community decide which projects it will fund. These projects can be cryptocurrencies or, in the future, NFT’s. The revenue model & tokenomics are what make the coin actually sustainable and interesting in the long run. Let’s take a look.

Every project launched by the PERMABULL DAO will have a tax (TBA, but around 2% on each transaction) that will be remitted to the DAO treasury. Essentially, part of the profits of coin launches under the PERMABULL Launchpad are redirected to the $PERMABULL token.

So, what happens to the tax next? This is rewards system for PERMABULL holders kick in. The profits are shared back to holders as weekly ETH dividends.

The Team decides the weekly dividend amount, but it aims to keep payouts stable and sustainable, so more investors are drawn to the protocol. Holders of PERMABULL therefore benefit from passive income, knowing they are slowly paying back their investment over time.

Why weekly dividends? Weekly dividends ensure that investors are in it for the long run. PERMABULL has multiple advantages compared to other reflection tokens:

  • the dividends are paid in ETH instead of the project’s native token, meaning there is no sell pressure to cash out your gains
  • the weekly dividends are partly fueled, but not dependent from trading volume. PERMABULL generates revenue outside it’s tokenomics, making the rewards system fully sustainable
  • The rewards system does not focus on burning tokens and making the supply more scarce. Investors reap the rewards of owning PERMABULL immediately, when collecting their ETH dividends, rather than needing additional capital in order to create a supposed “supply shock”.


Let’s take an example on how this could work: You want to launch a project and apply via PERMABULL for funding. The PERMABULL community votes for your project if they think it has great potential to moon and potentially become the next SHIBA. As a founder, you get funding, experience and access to meme coin investors immediately, compared if you were to launch the coin by yourself.

PERMABULL has another awesome feature for devs to launch coins: the DAO guarantees a rug-free environment for both investors and devs alike. Since the tokens are created on PERMABULL, investors can feel confident that scam tactics have been removed, but also get a seal of approval from a trusted entity immediately on launch.

The DAO generates revenue for their treasury by applying the below taxes on every transaction of its native token $PERMABULL:

  • 3% ETH dividends
  • 2% DAO development funding
  • 1% Liquidity Pool (burned)

The more people buy & sell, the more the treasury grows, the more projects they can fund. Expenses of the DAO include paying for mods, devs, DApps, artists, graphic designers and marketing promotions. All in all, even if volume on PERMABULL would drop, they still would have the revenue coming in from its project launches to sustain the weekly dividends.

The $PERMABULL token:

  • 35% of the supply is burnt
  • Only 200 holders
  • Fluctuating at sub $1 million market cap (meaning the R/R is very good for a project of this ambition)
  • Wallet distribution looking very healthy, team only holds 5%, no unlock schedule. Anti-whale mechanics are in place where max wallet allowed is 3% of supply with a max transaction of 1%.
  • Available on Uniswap

Roadmap & Vision

Hundreds of meme tokens are being created each day and a big part of them are rugs/scams. The vision of PERMABULL is to become a recognised launchpad where many iconic crypto memes are birthed, giving investors the confidence for future launches.

PERMABULL also plans to also launch an NFT launchpad, amongst other initiatives:

  • NFT royalty burns; we’ve seen passive income NFTs be successful so we could incorporate this feature in an exclusive PERMABULL NFT collection. This gives the collection intrinsic value from the start and allow additional benefits to the launchpad
  • Simple, addictive P2E flash games; we don’t aim to create the next metaverse. Simple games can be extremely lucrative, like this coin flip game on Solana, and most importantly easily achievable for the DAO
  • Partner with other launchpads; making joint coin launches with another launchpad means that we mutually benefit from each other investor pools, and create a positive buy pressure on each other’s native tokens, in addition to a great talent exchange
  • Partake in larger IDOs/IGOs; Having a pool for a serious project, also listed on the larger IDO platforms, like Polkastarter, would not only attract quality projects but also a larger pool of investors thanks to the gained credibility.

Why we see potential in this:

  1. Tons of people want to launch their own project but don’t have any funding or coding knowledge.
  2. Tons of people get rugged everyday, buying scammy reflection tokens. PERMABULL offers a solution to both of these problems.
  3. Large influencers are backing the meme already and giving their seal of approval (i.e. Eric Cryptoman, Skulls, Maythous and more)
  4. At this market cap, the risk is higher not investing at a project of this scale. Enough buy pressure could bring this project to new heights entirely

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in a launch?

Launches can occur in two ways: via airdrop or via whitelisted presale. In the case of airdrop, PERMABULL holders can claim their tokens simply for holding PERMABULL. In the case of a whitelisted presale, PERMABULL holders are automatically whitelisted to the presale, compared to the general public which is not. Whitelists can vary but can be won by team selection or by raffle, depending on what is decided for launch.

What happens after a project is launched?

Coins launched under the PERMABULL launchpad will see their contract renounced shortly after inception, making the project fully community driven. Nonetheless, mods and devs are assigned to the project to grow it as much possible. The DAO & the new coin’s tokenomics will pay for marketing campaigns and other expenses.

As an investor, how do I know a meme is going to last?

The nature of the launchpad is to find the next Doge or Shiba Inu. We’ve all heard the story of the most successful trader that places $8,000 right at the inception of the coin and returned billions. Our goal is to launch degen coins and see which of them will stick. We don’t recommend playing every single coin from the launchpad, but picking the ones you like or feel will give the greatest returns.

How is this not a ponzi?

Firstly, we worked hard on giving utility to the PERMABULL token, so it does not rely on new capital to constantly grow. Secondly, the rewards structure are paid in ETH and not in the native token so the token a catalyst for growth.

Thirdly, we will airdrop new launchpad investors some PERMABULL tokens on every launch, so they can gain exposure in the our ecosystem. This way the community grows, and both parties (new investors and existing PERMABULL holders) gain from the PERMABULL ecosystem, and the ponzinomics are minimized.




The Permabull Launchpad is a memecoin accelerator that constantly brings secure, rug-free, moonshots. #ETH