Watch the world burn with… PERMABEAR

Weak hands thought nothing was happening behind the scenes while the markets are being down? Wrong. When conditions change, leaders pivot. When markets are down bad, this is the time to build and adapt.

Instead of waiting the market out, it was time for PERMABULL devs to make a calculated move and turn this situation to their advantage. For this reason, Permabull Labs is excited to announce that…

PERMABEAR is going live!

Time to watch the world burn and have some fun with it. Here’s exactly how it will go down:

To reward Permabull diamond hands, the team has decide to airdrop all holders for free. The dividends have long been overdue and it is was time to give back to the community, despite the unfavourable conditions.

Therefore to receive the airdrop, investors are strongly recommended to stack that $PERMABULL bread before the airdrop, and keep notifications on in our Telegram channel.


While you’re being used as exit liquidity, we invest in actual assets with value like Gold, Silver or Oil. We then give back holders the profits in Gold every month.

  • Total Supply: 100,000 BEAR
  • Max Wallet: 3%, Max Tx: 1%
  • Token Allocation: 3% to Marketing, 37% Burned, 45% Presale
  • Tax: 10% buy and sell
  • Launch date: 6th of May 2022, 8pm UTC
  • Launch type: Private airdrop to PERMABULL holders (1:1 airdrop allocation depending to your permabull holding), stealth launch for outsiders

How will the launch happen?

The launch is scheduled to happen on the 6th of May 2022, 8pm UTC.

PERMABULL holders will be airdropped an equal amount of $BEAR tokens, directly in their wallet. there is no need to claim their tokens.

There will be a early sell tax on all $BEAR transactions to avoid the airdrop being used exit liquidity. Idem for the $PERMABULL (to avoid airdrop abusers).

The project:

The shorts are goin’ in. Receive dividends in $PAXG (gold-pegged token) while the rest of the world gets REKT with the profits of the protocol. Holding $PERMABEAR prepares you for the bear market while you just sit back and watch it burn to the ground.

PERMABEAR is a bearish FaaS protocol that seeks assets that go up during bear markets. This includes synthetic assets like:

  • Gold (PAXG), Silver, Oil (mSLV, mUSO on Terra)
  • Stablecoins (Cash reserves & yield farming)
  • Shorting Ponzis like ADA, and shorting scam stocks like $HOOD or good old SPY


  • Fully Passive Income: Spend less time clicking on sketchy websites, researching protocols and analysing the market. BEAR grants peace of mind to holders as our asset managers analyse the markets and make calculated decisions based on their experience.
  • 100% Flexible: No minimum or upfront investment is required. You can cash out at any time. There is no lock period, but in order to be eligible for the dividends, holders must have holde BEAR before the announced record date.
  • Anti-ponzi: We built the protocol in a way where investors are not dependant of newcoming capital to generate capital growth. Investors can slowly make their initial investment back from dividends alone.



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